Introduction To Indices Trading

Introduction To Indices Trading - FXGiants

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DAX, FTSE, and Dow Jones are buzzwords in the global financial sector. Changes in their value can give some investors heart attack and can also make policymakers to brainstorm on ways to change their economies. Whether you are a newbie trader or you have been trading for decades, trading indices can boost your profits and make you financially free.

So how do you go about indices trading? In this article, we have put together some tips you can follow through to leverage the price changes in the indices market. But before we dive deeper, let’s quickly take a look at the definition of indices.

The Definition Of An Index

An index is a measure of the performance (in terms of price) of several equities that are listed on a particular exchange. An index’s value can be described in a number of points; it is the weighted average of the current value of its stock.

As an indices trader, you don’t own the assets, instead, you trade on the price differential. If you can correctly forecast the direction of the price of an index, you will make money!

Why Indices And Not Individual Shares?

  • The greatest benefit of trading indices is that it would give you an outlook of what the international market looks like. Plus, you will also have a full understanding of the conditions of the companies and the stocks they represent.
  • Trading indices will help you concentrate on individual shares rather than battling with the choice of stocks to trade.
  • Indices trading can also help to reduce the possibility of unexpected price changes based on sudden new releases.

Trading indices

Keep the following factors in mind whenever you are trading indices:

  • Keenly study the parts that make up the index. Does the equity belong to one or more market sector? Answer to this question will help you to concentrate on specific sector.
  • Look at the correlation between indices and currencies.
  • Find out if the correlation between indices and currencies exist.
  • Check the changes to index listings regularly.


There you have it! Indices are very easy to trade despite its large figures and the role its represent in the financial sector. It helps to track the economic performance of different countries.

And one more thing… What do you think about indices trading? Share your thoughts with us using the comment box below

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