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MT4 Platform - FXGiants

MT4 Platform

If you are new to forex trading, understanding the MT4 trading platform isn’t something to take lightly because it possesses everything you need to make a successful trade. MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform is one of the widely used platforms for most forex traders. The reason

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Shares Trading - FXGiants

Shares Trading

What is Shares Trading? Shares are single units of ownership interest in an organization, financial asset or mutual fund which offer an equivalent allocation in any profits made (if any are declared), which comes in form of dividend. Essentially, they are exchangeable value of an

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What is Futures Trading?

What is Futures Trading?

A future is an agreement between two parties to either buy or sell a certain asset called derivative at a future date and a predetermined time. So basically, the buyer must either purchase the asset or the seller must sell the asset at a certain

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Introduction To Indices Trading - FXGiants

Introduction To Indices Trading

DAX, FTSE, and Dow Jones are buzzwords in the global financial sector. Changes in their value can give some investors heart attack and can also make policymakers to brainstorm on ways to change their economies. Whether you are a newbie trader or you have been

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